Supporters Like You

Meet supporters just like you.

Being a Boys Town supporter shows that you have the desire and passion to change the way America cares for kids and families. Together, we are the love, support, and education that at-risk children and families need to create a more incredible future.

Check out these stories of Boys Town supporters that made the commitment to be a provider of second chances…

McLaughlins Carry on a Lifetime of Giving to Boys Town with a Charitable Remainder Trust

It was 1947 when 17-year-old Bill McLaughlin and his two cousins hopped in a truck in Iowa and headed west to Salt Lake City. One of his cousins was newly married and was moving there to live. The plan was to drop him off and pick up some furniture to bring back home to Iowa.

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Gift Annuities Provide Michigan Couple Peace of Mind and a Legacy of Giving

George Dikeman was a rambunctious 8-year-old growing up in Michigan when he saw Boys Town on the silver screen. The Oscar-winning film left an indelible mark in his memory and on his heart.

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