Make an Immediate Impact

Did you know that you can make an immediate impact in the lives of children and families in need of love, support, and education? Here are some gifts that you can make right now and provide a second chance to children, families, and communities.

Gifts of cash: A donation of cash is the most direct way to support Boys Town. You benefit from a charitable tax credit while you transform the lives of children and families. You can make your gift online with our secure online donation form or by sending a check or money order by mail to:

Boys Town
14100 Crawford Street
Omaha, NE 68010

If you are sending a check or money order, please let us know if you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose.

Recommend a grant from your donor advised fund: You can initiate a grant recommendation from your donor advised fund, or DAF, by clicking the link below and typing in your fund provider name. The system will prompt you through the process.

Gifts of property: You can give gifts of property, including real estate, art work, jewelry, or other assets. Gifts like these are tax deductible in the same way as gifts of cash. You can also attach conditions to the gift, such as the provision to live in the property during your lifetime.

Gifts of stock shares: You can donate shares of stock directly to Boys Town. Doing so provides a gift of full value with no taxes to be paid and reduces your income taxes.